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The view from the long tail

Part of the allure of blogs – for those who still write them – is that it’s a thing you work at over time, and gradually there’s this accretion of work and content and meaning that has a heft. It’s the accumulation that leads, for once, to something that feels more like an asset than debt, and it’s meant to lead somewhere really special and powerful and possibly to the best book deal a fashion blogger in Minnesota could hope for.

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Shoutout to the guys at my old coworking space

shoutout to the guy at my old coworking space who tripled his team size with one weird trick: hiring a bunch of beautiful, 20-year-old women as unpaid marketing interns.

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Found split-flap display with single-board computer

Push changes to a git repository to receive a new destination.

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The Dream of the Nineties

Salivating at the last decade of easy living

In reading Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking, I was struck by a tiny detail about her time in Boston as a statue artist that made me feel a deep sense of despair familiar to many millennials.

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Lean Art

Making a Minimum Viable Expression

I’ve spent the last couple years struggling with whether or not I should be building startups. I was pretty deep in that community, and even though I think I won’t try to start one again, a few really helpful principles from that world still rattle around in my head, and affect the things I build as an artist.

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